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About New Gen Inc

  • We at New Gen Inc offers products and solutions which are required by every segment of the industry.  The team is equipped with professionals with more than three decades of experience in Corporate Real Estate who has helped setup and operated many big Indian companies and MNC’s through out Asia Pacific Japan region.  A honed professional who are always passionate about bringing value add to the organizations which enhances employee / Customers experience by creating the “State of the Art” office space and selling the best products. 

  • Products & Solutions which are being offered under our company will greatly benefit spectrum of clientele which includes IT companies, Educational Institutions, Universities, manufacturing Industries, Hospitals, offices and startups in the region.

Design & Build Projects and

Refurbishment Projects

  • We handle interior design and build projects for corporate customers, institutions, retail spaces and have in-house capabilities to cater to projects MEP needs accordingly.


  • Having been in the industry leading the Real Estate portfolio for many decades in reputed MNC’s, the team has the required expertise to quickly understand the needs of the customers and leading the design change for creating “safe, touchless office space” for the employees who wish to continue using the workspace.

  • As a value add, the team will be happy to share their experience / guide employees for setting up their home office in a very cost-effective manner and help source the appropriate furniture for the transition accordingly.

  • With deep understanding of Interior projects, we work in a collaborative manner with Architects, PMC’s and Clients making sure there is effective flow of ideas leading to the best possible result. The team prides itself in keeping budgetary constraints on client and architect’s end combined with aesthetic aspirations in mind all while skillfully pulling off a balancing role during execution.

  • ViSEE was started with a vision to have technological solutions like AI based Video Analytics and Citizen ID. We are specialized in solution offering around Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Predictive Analysis, Big data and AI based Video Analytics.

  • Our flagship product is Customizable Video Analytics solution for various applications. We use high end video science and Deep learning algorithms to meet customer needs for security Surveillance, Access control, IOT switches , routers and Smart Evacuation during emergency situations. We are focusing on Futuristic and Upcoming technology around Citizen ID. 

  • ViSEE team consists of Software Engineers, Developers, Data Scientist & Data Analysts and Experienced Business Managers having vast experience in this industry.


New Gen Inc has tied up with ViSEE

in marketing futuristic products

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