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Design & Build Projects and Refurbishment Projects

We have a team led by Suresh Ramachandra Rao who comes with more than three plus decades of experience working with many MNC’s, Indian companies and has managed Asia Pacific & Japan portfolio while delivering “state of the art” office spaces in multiple regions. He has also received numerous accolades from internal customers in delivering enhanced employee experience.

What we offer:

  • New Gen Inc will offer design and build services that provide an integrated approach focused on the specific needs of a project.

  • We manage, design and build office fit outs, refurbishments, and interior design using a systemic approach.

  • An overall analysis of your office space is conducted.

  • Designs are generated based on current and future requirements by assimilating all the functions from an architectural, engineering, and construction manager perspective.

Why Us

  1. Expertise in Corporate Interiors with specialization in Design & Build Projects and Refurbishment Projects.

  2. Young, innovative, highly qualified team with vast experiences in their respective fields of works with sheer commitment to make a paper render come to life.

  3.  Transparency in procedure.

  4. Economic and Justifiable rate.

  5. Our company follow EHS Guidelines to work at most care and take appropriate safety measures to avoid incorrect input and accidents making the site a safe and secure place to work in.

  6. Impeccable 3D design models with 95% and up accuracy in its execution.

  7. All Compliances: ESI, EPF & GST. Complete adherence of EHS guidelines.

In a world where change is the only constant factor, innovation gives us the edge


Our Innovation 


Our Delivery 

Full-service capacities enable us to deliver the project on time and under budget

Our Quality Promise

  1. We draw upon our experience with the industry’s leading design firms to create an integrated design/build team customized to the needs and goals of the project. The team has a SPOC (Single point of contact) responsibility and exhibits leadership in interacting with internal customers (management & employees) / help understand change management process, will partner effectively to ensure employees are part of the decision-making process.

  2. Our design/build service eliminates your responsibility for coordinating activities between the designer, the builder and the contractor.

  3. Clients who choose to simplify the construction process by using our design and build services will not have to compromise on quality or performance. We truly offer the best of the best design/build services.

Let's built your office space today.
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