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New Gen Inc is a channel partner of ViSEE - a brand which offers technology in the domain of:

  • Video Analytics

  • Data Analytics

  • IOT and Citizen ID

Enterprise Grade Video Analytics Solutions

  • ViSEE is an integrated platform of IronYun AI Video Analytics Software and other video analytics software, with easy Plug & Play integration to existing video surveillance

  • Provide actionable intelligence, forensic analysis and synopsis of the situation

  • Enabling better decision-making by using “heatmap” to aid better customer service

  • Can be hosted on-premise or private-public cloud

  • End-to-End solution including GUI, backend and hosting services with complete integration solutions​


Customized Artificial Intelligence based Video Analytics integrated with any make camera 


Approximately 50 applications developed which can be used for Smart and Safe cities projects 

Work with Consultants for providing more problem specific solutions and tender requirement


Advance solutions for Machine automation using AI based deep learning algorithms 


Our platform supports the industry’s broadest array of AI-enabled video analytics

Video Search

Perimeter Security

Access Control

Forensic Investigation

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Specialised Applications

Product Videos

Product Catalogue of Thermographic Camera

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